21st Century Rehab Physical Therapists Speak on the Importance of Keeping Workers Healthy and Productive

Nevada physical therapists, Steve Cassabaum, MSPT and Jason Horras, MPT, of 21st Century Rehab, P.C. spoke at a Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) meeting in Des Moines on January 18, 2006.

Cassabaum and Horras spoke to the CFMA members about the Proactive Approach to Reducing Workplace Injuries: Screening and Prevention. Their presentation focused on the importance of keeping workers healthy and productive, which is essential to keep down the escalating costs of workers compensation and health insurance premiums.

Cassabaum and Horras said the best approach to workplace health intervention is the Isernhagen Work System program. Through this program, which 21st Century Rehab utilizes, professional therapists are able to partner with the company to design, implement and improve workers’ compensation program with services that include: pre-work screening, job description and analysis, stay-at-work/return-to-work programs, and job matching systems.

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