Testimonials | What Our Patients Say About Us

I wish to commend everyone at the Nevada clinic on the awesome job you do! I had never needed physical therapy till this past year, and I had not a clue what to expect. As I progressed through my therapy, I was amazed at the experience everyone exhibited. I watched your kindness and compassion to patients of all ages--you treated us all with patience and reassurance as we proceeded through our exercises. You are truly a great bunch of people, and I am so thankful that I chose your clinic for my physical therapy. I sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Marytha, Nevada

I have been a patient for many years; and I cannot tell you how GREAT the people at the Altoona office are. I don't feel that I could have ever made it through all the trials without their help and support. I have had 4 major knee surgeries in the past 3 years. Three in just the last 16 months. They treat me very well and are always concerned with my well being. Tomorrow will be my 55th visit and I know with each one I will continue to improve.

Terry, Altoona

Having back pain for quite some time, I was wondering if I would always have it. Going through physical therapy helped a great deal. I was shown different exercises that helped reduce the back pain. After 5 visits, I am pain free and am looking forward to doing things like riding a bike and yard work.

Michelle, Dallas Center

"Before coming in, I could only lie down without pain- standing, sitting, [and] walking all caused an extreme pain from my lower back down the back of my right leg. My doctor had me doing a variety of stretches to try to help, but some hurt too much to do, and after about a month of trying to do the others, I wasn't seeing any relief from the pain, so my doctor sent me here. The exercises here were clearly explained, demonstrated, and therapists helped correct my movements to avoid further pain during my exercises. New exercises were introduced throughout my continued visits to keep things interesting and develop more strength and flexibility as my pain levels continued to decline. Today I can sit and walk and stand without any of the pain I was experiencing prior to my therapy."

James, Carlisle

"The staff at 21st Century Rehab are very friendly and helpful. This is my third experience. I return because of the high quality of care. I have recommended Matt DeWall numerous times. I also appreciate the timeliness of returning back to 'normal.'"

Linda M, Indianola