Concussions There has been significant talk about the safety of sports, especially football, in recent years. Concussions have headlined the news and have been the focus of much of the discussion. But what exactly is a concussion and what should you do if you or your athlete experiences one? What happens to the brain during … Continued

Women’s Health: Incontinence and How to Improve

Do you leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze, run or jump? Have you stopped being active because you leak urine when you do these activities? Do you find yourself mapping out the nearest bathroom when you’re leaving your home? Is it challenging to make it to the bathroom in time when you get the … Continued

Carlisle Clinic New Location

Our outpatient clinic in Carlisle has outgrown it’s original location. Not to fear, it isn’t moving too far! Starting December 20th, 21st Century Rehab, Carlisle will be located just across the street from it’s original location. The new address will be 125 N 1st St, Carlisle, IA 50047. In additional to a larger space to … Continued