Why am I Dizzy?

Blog Post: April 5th, 2021 By: Lindsay Bierbaum, Doctor of Physical Therapy Have you ever felt dizzy or lightheaded and wondered why? You aren’t the only one. Dizziness is a common symptom that we hear from many of our patients. Mayo Clinic states, “dizziness can range from fleeting faintness to a severe balance disorder that … Continued

Athletic Trainers: Wearers’ of Many Hats

Blog Post: March 22nd, 2021 By: Emelia Johnson, Certified Athletic Trainer Athletic trainers, not to be confused with personal trainers, are highly-qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals, who, under the direction of a physician, may provide services and treatment to clients. You can find us working in high schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement and military, … Continued

Why I Became a Physical Therapist

Blog Post: March 15th, 2021 By Micah Hayek, Doctor of Physical Therapy From hearing funny stories about my patient’s getting stuck in the snow with their dog to seeing a patient finally be able to reach far enough to tuck in their shirt behind their back, every week I have some experience that gives me … Continued

What is Speech Therapy?

Blog Post: February 15th, 2021 Kelci Fett, Speech-Language Pathologist Speech therapy is more than just learning to say your ‘R’s”. We often think of speech therapy as a service for those who have a speech impairment, such as a child who has a lisp or a stutter. However, there is so much more to the … Continued

The $5,000 Shoe Box

Have you ever seen what a $5,000 shoe box looks like? It might surprise you. Recently I had the opportunity to work with a patient who had been experiencing significant foot pain for years. They had been suffering from pain on and off, and unfortunately, by the time they came to see me, they had … Continued

25th Anniversary Press Release

On June 26th, 2020, 21st Century Rehab, PC will be celebrating 25 years of providing therapy services to communities and patients throughout Iowa. 21st Century Rehab, PC has grown from humble beginnings into what is now: a physical therapist-owned company with 13 locations throughout Iowa and over 95 employees. These 13 locations include clinics at … Continued

April News- COVID-19, Videos & Telehealth

A Letter from our Vice President and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jason Horras “WOW have things changed in only a few weeks for everyone in the US and around the world! At 21st Century Rehab, we want to first make sure that you and your family are safe during these unprecedented times. As PT’s and OT’s, we have … Continued

Don’t Just Sit There…

An increasing number of business leaders and employees spend their days sitting, often in front of computers, rarely taking the necessary breaks to help their minds and bodies perform at optimum levels. Our bodies, by nature, were meant to move. But as our culture and work tasks have changed, employees sit more. Seventy percent of … Continued

A Physical Therapist’s Experience with Headaches

Half the world’s population has headaches! These headaches range from mild headaches that resolve on their own, to severe migraine headaches and chronic severe headaches. In the 30 years I have been seeing patients, almost half of my patients have come with the diagnosis of headache. Based on research and my own experience, physical therapy … Continued