We offer a wide variety of occupational health services, with an emphasis on hiring the right worker and job safety.
"After back surgery, I couldn't walk without a walker or shower without help. After all the help I got from 21st Century Rehab in Madrid, I'm going back to work after a year off. They do great work and are happy to help people." -Wayne D.

21st Century Rehab is focused on helping employers hire the right workers and keeping them safe and productive at work through extensive knowledge and unmatched customer service.  Preventing injuries and reducing the costs associated with injured workers is the goal for companies and what drives each of our services.  We currently work with many employers in Iowa to accomplish these goals.

Our services include:

  • On-Site or Off-Site Employee Triage: Early identification of discomfort and use of conservative treatment/recommendations to prevent significant recordable injuries/illnesses from occurring through expertise in OSHA “First Aid”.
  • Post-Offer Pre-work Screening (POET): Functional focused testing of potential employee’s ability to perform job safely based on the essential demands of the job.  Additionally, we have clinics with CRT, Cost Reduction Technology (isokinetic strength testing) and PCP, Physical Capacity Profile (isometric strength testing) pre-employment and post-injury testing.
  • Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy focused on return to work as soon as possible without re-injury:  Rehabilitation based on functional job descriptions with focus on education, conditioning, and exact functional requirements to perform work safely.
  • Ergonomic/Risk Assessments: Identification/correction to aspects of job or work environment that contain high risk of irritation/injury in all environments, including seated workers, healthcare workers, laborers, and manufacturing.
  • Detailed Functional Job Descriptions: Accurately defined functional aspects of all job categories
  • Education and Stretching Programs: Educate employees that the way they sit, stand, and move can affect their physical and mental well-being.  Promote positions and movements prior to and during work that reduce discomfort and improve productivity.
  • Additional pre-employment services including:  drug testing, audiometric testing, vision testing and other essential physiological measurements (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) that are needed to hire quality employees.
  • Reduce/Limit MOD Rate: Advocate/assist in Restricted Duty and  Return-To-Work within 3 days or less (Standard Threshold for the State of Iowa). 

We treat: On-Site Employee Triage, OSHA “First Aid”, Rehabilitation Based on Essential Demands of Job, POET (Post-Offer Employment Testing), CRT (Cost Reduction Technology), PCP (Physical Capacity Profile), Functional Job Analysis, Injury Prevention, Transitional or Restricted Duty, Ergonomics and Employee Education, Drug testing, Audiometric Services