Physical therapy can help with many common women's issues.
"I have worked with Jamie on lower pelvic floor strengthening. She gave me great information on the muscles and exercises, and was very encouraging. I have already seen good results in 1 month. I would encourage anyone to their therapy that has any leakage issues." - Pat W.

Do you have trouble with urine leakage while you laugh, cough, or sneeze?  Difficulty with lifting or carrying things due to pressure “down there”? Are you pregnant or have you recently delivered a baby?  Do you want to get back to a regular exercise routine after having kids and aren’t sure where to start? Are your kids grown up but you struggle to play with your grandkids for fear that you might leak?  Is intercourse painful? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you would benefit from physical therapy to address the underlying cause of your problem, rather than just living with it.

During your first appointment at 21st Century Rehab, you will meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in treating your condition. A full assessment will take place and you will be educated about the cause of your symptoms as well as treatment options. An individualized program will then be determined between you and your PT to best address your pain or weakness, and help you get back to normal again!

We treat: Urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, urge incontinence, Urinary frequency, Nocturia, Bowel incontinence, Prepartum or prenatal pain, Postpartum, Pelvic Floor, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Dysparunia (pain with intercourse), Pelvic pain