Blog Post: May 24th, 2021

By Doctor of Physical Therapy, Lynzy Lentz

What I have found is that when I am asked why I became a physical therapist, I don’t have an exact experience or concrete moment that made me decide this. To me, being a PT was/is a very natural career choice. I’ve always been very interested in human anatomy and passionate about exercise. In addition, my dad experienced a traumatic accident when he was 17 and lost his leg, becoming an amputee.

I grew up watching his movement and attending prosthetist appointments, which I found completely intriguing. We would work together and get creative so that my dad could participate in activities with my brother and I and not miss out on anything. Creativity is a very important aspect of physical therapy that I believe each PT should learn and work to perfect throughout their careers. No two people, injury or diagnosis are the same, and we must treat the patient directly and address their goals to the best of our abilities.

My life was also spent watching my brother race motocross, which naturally brings upon many injuries, research on how to improve human performance and ways he could withstand hours of intense exercise. In high school, I made the decision to become an Athletic Trainer with plans to further my education as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Seven years later, I began working in the field of physical therapy. I was, and still am, loving the variability of each day. From unique patient experiences, to hearing each patient’s story, and to working through the reasons we do each exercise, stretch, treatment to reach certain goals, it’s all unique.

A physical therapist once told me, “In order to become a PT you must have a giving heart.” I find this to be incredibly true as my day is spent making sure I am doing everything possible to improve the lives of my patients. I believe all of us professionals here 21st Century Rehab have this exact natural instinct- to care for others and to do what is best for the communities we live in and patients we care for. I look forward to helping more patients and their families achieve a life they desire.