Seeing patients prenatally is proven to lead to more success with breastfeeding by providing specific education regarding the establishment & maintenance of their milk supply & a plan of care prior to birth. When seeing the birthing parent & baby postnatally, both go through a thorough assessment to determine any complications with breastfeeding.

With collaborative care as occupational & physical therapists, we are well equipped to address musculoskeletal issues with the birthing parent &/or baby. We can also assess & support developmental milestones & screen oral anatomy of the baby. We can also assess & treat common conditions of the birthing parent, such as carpal tunnel, De Quervain’s, neck pain, & other common conditions resulting from posture while breastfeeding.

Many of our physical therapists also have specific training on pelvic floor therapy, which can be helpful during & after pregnancy when dealing with conditions such as pelvic pain, back pain incontinence, & other issues related to pregnancy.

Our Certified Breastfeeding Specialists are trained in:

  • Education to support families during pregnancy & the prenatal period, through weaning
  • Teaching breastfeeding families in a group or individual setting
  • Conducting an assessment of parent & infant & devise an appropriate plan of care
  • Instructing in optimal feeding positions, latch, frequency, & parameters for infant output
  • Assessing tongue & lip ties or other complications that may affect breastfeeding
  • Assessing effective feeding & milk transfer in uncomplicated breastfeeding situations
  • Educating on maintaining a milk supply & appropriate storage guidelines
  • Working collaboratively with the rest of the baby/birthing parent’s health care team