By Taylor Illg, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Here are some common misconceptions about the lower back that we often hear as physical therapists.

Myth #1: I shouldn’t lift anything heavy or from the ground because it will hurt my back.

Fact: You can lift any object you want if you have proper form. Make sure that the object is close to you when lifting it and do not twist your body when picking it up. Also, it is important to lift with your legs instead of your low back!

Myth #2: Since my back is hurting, bed rest is the best thing for me.

Fact: Exercise is the best medicine! There are multiple benefits of exercise in treating low back pain. To find the right exercises, call a doctor of physical therapy at FDPT to create an exercise plan tailored to you!

Myth #3: Back pain is due to injury.

Fact: Each one of us experiences pain differently. The body senses painful stimuli and sends that message to the brain. Some people have a heightened sense of pain causing them to feel pain more intensely than others. Just because something is painful does not mean there is an injury to the lower back.

Myth #4: Since I sit at a desk all day for work, it is expected that I will have low back pain.

Fact: Office set-ups are often overlooked and can result in low back pain. However, a doctor of physical therapy can help adjust your desk set-up to assist in preventing low back pain from occurring. Having a chair with good low back support is a good place to start! If you have questions regarding your desk set-up, contact a physical therapist at FDPT.

Myth #5: Treatments such as cortisone injections, back braces, and pain medications are necessary to treat low back pain.

Fact: As previously mentioned, motion is lotion. Low back pain can be treated with manual therapy, traction, strengthening the core and hip musculature, and stretching muscles that are tight causing abnormal body alignment.

For more questions about low back pain, please give us a call at any of our 21st Century Rehab locations!